GS Preschool Games Lite

Simple software that is designed to keep a child busy and help them to learn

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    Kids' Games

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8

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    8.3 (3)

GS Preschool Games Lite is a collection of learning games for Windows PCs.

Children learn through play. When children are provided with games that stimulate their imaginations, they can accomplish great things. That's why it is wonderful that a collection like this exists, and why it's important that kids have access to good, structured games. While there's certainly no substitute for imagination, it's nice to see a gaming collection that allows children to stretch their wings and get down to the business of learning about the world. The learning skills developed here are important, but most kids won't realize they're playing an educational game.

While the games are meant for ages three to six, most of the content is focused on the lower ages. If a six year old gets his or hands on the game, they'll be more likely to declare it boring than useful. Even worse, much of the good content is only available on the full, mobile version - those who really want to give kids access to the most educational software are going to have to pull out another device and buy another program. While not dealbreakers, these are still major problems.

If you have very young children, this is a great download. Having a safe space to play and learn is always good, and toddlers will love getting a chance to play the games. Don't expect it to do anything for school age children, though, and don't expect to get everything you need from this one app. As with so many other lite apps on the market, you'll only get a taste of what's on offer - and what you really need might require pulling out a tablet or phone.


  • Great educational games
  • Very functional
  • Even a toddler can use the interface


  • Too much content is on the mobile version
  • Not much for older kids

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